Facilitator Application

Advice to Facilitators on how to apply

  • Treatment of private and confidential information
  • Application form
  • Action Plan

When you apply for Signatory status as a Facilitator, you need to submit two documents - an application form and an Action Plan

Treatment of private or confidential information

You may wish to include private or confidential information as part of the application. If that is the case, you should provide the information in a separate document clearly marked ‘private’ or ‘confidential’. The Administrator treats all information provided by applicants as private and confidential.

Application form

The application form for Signatory status as a Facilitator is straightforward.

The application needs to be specific in naming the applicant for Signatory status. This is particularly important where the application relates to only part of a business or organisation.

For example, for national or interstate businesses or organisations, if only certain state branches or outlets are in a position to meet the commitments to FluoroCycle, then the application needs to describe which state branches or outlets the application relates to. The same principle applies to large businesses or organisations not necessarily operating on a national scale.

Important note:

When Signatory status is awarded to a Facilitator, that status applies only to the applicant specified in the application and responsible for carrying out the Action Plan that is accepted by the Administrator. It is important to keep this in mind when a business or organisation represents its Signatory status, eg through claims or statements about its involvement with FluoroCycle.

A business or organisation needs to avoid giving the impression that it is has commitments to FluoroCycle when only part of that business has Signatory status and is, eg, promoting FluoroCycle or collecting waste lamps from householders.

The specific identity of a Facilitator is included on:

  • the certificate awarded on first joining the scheme, and
  • the listing on the FluoroCycle website.

The key decision you need to make when preparing the application is what Category or Categories the business or organisation is applying for.

Be a Commercial User too!

Facilitators are also strongly encouraged to take steps to recycle all of their waste mercury-containing lamps and become Commercial Users as well, where this is relevant. Some Facilitators may not be in a position to be Commercial Users, particularly if they do not own or lease premises.

Action Plan

The Action Plan is submitted to the Administrator at the same time as the application form. There is a template for the Action Plan and you can also get advice on how to prepare it.

The Action Plan sets out what you intend to do to meet the commitments to FluoroCycle. These commitments include those that apply to all Facilitators, as well as the specific commitments that apply to the Category, or Categories, that are nominated in the application.

Download a template for the Action Plan