Lighting Council Australia welcomes Federal Government’s announcement of $1 billion waste and recycling plan
September 25, 2020

Date: Monday 14 September 2020

Summary of the Proposed Recycling and Waste Bill 2020

Lighting Council supports the approach taken to both product stewardship and the regulation of waste exports through the Bills. Furthermore, LCA shares the view of reducing the impact that products and waste material have on human and environmental health and realising community and economic benefits by taking responsibility for products and waste material is an important objective. This submission will cover:

  • Lighting Council product stewardship schemes.
  • Comments on the product stewardship provisions.
  • Comments on the provisions giving effect to the waste export ban.

It is our view that the proposed Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 (the Bill) will establish an effective legislative framework to enable Australia to more effectively manage the environmental and Page 3 of 5 human health and safety impacts of products and waste material. This includes, in particular, impacts associated with the disposal of waste materials and products.

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