FluoroCycle is a scheme that aims to increase the recycling of lamps that contain mercury and reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment. To achieve this, FluoroCycle provides a national, voluntary scheme which businesses, government agencies and other organisations can join as Signatories. The scheme gives public recognition to Signatories for their commitment to recycling.

FluoroCycle Facts

What is FluoroCycle?

FluoroCycle is a voluntary product stewardship scheme that seeks to increase the national recycling rate of waste mercury containing lamps. Lamp recycling can help reduce the amount of mercury being sent to landfill.

Why does Australia need FluoroCycle?

In Australia, an estimated 90 per cent of lamps that contain mercury end up in landfill each year. They are the largest single category of consumer products that contain mercury, and their disposal contributes to Australia’s total annual emissions of mercury.

Who can apply as a FluoroCycle Signatory?

Any Australian organisation with an Australian Business Number (ABN) can apply as a Signatory. Signatories to the scheme are businesses and organisations that make a commitment to adhere to the FluoroCycle Guidelines. There is no fee to apply.

What are the target groups?

FluoroCycle targets commercial and public lighting which accounts for the majority of lighting waste.

What are the benefits of becoming a Signatory?

The key benefit is keeping mercury out of the environment, thereby enhancing your organisations’ reputation for being environmentally responsible. A Signatory will receive public recognition through:
  • listing on the FluoroCycle website, including links to homepages
  • a certificate acknowledging Signatory status, and
  • use of the FluoroCycle logo.

Where can I find information on lamp recyclers in Australia?

Contact details for recyclers and collectors in each state and territory are listed on the FluoroCycle website.

How do I find out more information on the FluoroCycle scheme?

Please visit the FluoroCycle website to learn more or to apply online, www.fluorocycle.org.au.

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